Media name: Harry Boerman
Company name: Veluwe FM, Radio Putten,Radio Ermelo
Date: 2011-04-23 04:24:27

Great CD, used in several programs already and will in the future. Good sound.

Media name: Timothy Miller

Company name: Bwgcolman Radio 97.3 FM

Date: 2011-04-09 02:11:30

Feedback: have sent onto other stations in the area so good

Media name: Kozlovsky

Company name: Minsk

Date: 2011-03-13 04:12:56

Feedback: Unfortunately, I haven’t received your album yet. I’ll be glad to use your music in my work. I hope your release reaches me soon. All the Best. Serge Kozlovsky

Media name: Ken Fryer
Company name:
Radio Arcadia, Toronto, Canada

Feedback: We received your music, many thanks. All tracks will be in rotation in a few days.

Media name: Harry Boerman
Company name:
Veluwe FM, Radio Putten,Radio Ermelo
2009-07-20 03:27:45

Feedback: Great CD, receIved a lot of airplay allready in several shows of our station. Very refreshing sound It's still playing in our computer night shows. Greetings, Harry, Veluwe FM

Media name: Paul van Kuik
Company name:
Radio 0162 Dongen
2008-05-05 04:18:48

Feedback: HI Bob, I think your Album is a great one! Keep on going with this kind of work!! Yours, Paul van Kuik Radio 0162

Media name: Jon Bowlus
Company name:
Kayser Broadcasting
2008-04-29 06:24:18

Feedback: Hi, We have added these songs from Bob's album: Holy Spirit You Are My Everything Can Anything Happen w/o The Lord's Permission You Are Lord of All Get Ready The Prayer Song Thanks for sending it to us. God bless! Jon Bowlus, Program Director at WXML.

Media name: Marcus Romero
Company name:
2008-03-31 01:05:50

Feedback: 1.Nice compilation of music and lyrics. 2.Like the songs. 3.Various

Media name: Kjell Andreassen
Company name:
Radio Holstebro, Denmark

Got it (CD) today, great music!

Media name: Dioni Piatkowski
Company name:
2008-01-26 07:16:06

thank you very much for set of recordings and press-kits information. Naturally all these will be put to radio air-plays here and I will do all my best to find distributor of yours records here.

Media name: Lynn Wells / Geof Cartledge
Company name:
West Gippsland Community Radio
2008-01-20 05:40:42

Feedback: Dear Bob Your CD has been received by our Faith and Inspiration Presenters(3) and I have had good feedback from them. Keep up the good works and looking to hear and play more of your style on our programs. Regards Geof Cartledge Librarian West Gippsland Community Radio Inc PO Box 995 Drouin Victoria 3818 Australia

Media name: Josep Palmada Verdier
Company name: Radio Vilafant
Date: 2008-01-09

Feedback: I make them know that I have received the CD thank you very much. I have liked the cd very much, am very interesting and of great quality and very advisable for the lovers of the good music. Regards and thanks. Josep JOSEP PALMADA RED HOT BLUES RADIO VILAFANT SPAIN

Media name: Stacey J
Company name: FirstBible Church of Christ
Date: 2008-01-08

Feedback: I must apologize for the delay in our review. We love your work and have featured it on our Christian Show, which airs daily from 11pm until 7am. We have chosen this time slot because of our huge following overseas. We are looking to feature Christian Pop, and Rock on it's own station, 24/7 in the near future. Make sure you fans tune in to We'd appreciate any feed back you can provide us with. God Bless! Stacey J

Media name: Stuart A Hamilton
Company name: zeitgeist
Date: 2007-11-28

Review: It's time for some adult contemporary praise and here comes singer / songwriter Bob Wilson to help us out. I'm assuming that this is no relation to the legendary English born Scotland goalkeeper who now does good work for charidee - - but it's a funny old game.

This Bob Wilson has put out a 12 song set of original songs which jump around genres a fair bit from contemporary AOR to more traditional songwriter fare, to out and out praise. As such it is a bit hit and miss, but as an act of devotion it certainly works and Mr Wilson has an engaging, easy on the ear voice which carries the songs well.

The better songs are the ones that rock out ever so slightly as the backing seems to take on more life during those times as he heads off into Springsteen territory. However, the best is saved for last when the out and out joy of 'The Prayer Song' rounds off the album with one of the best pieces of 'pure' praise I've heard in a long while.

Media name: Kurt K Gabriel
Company name: ECMA Radio/Archangel's Music Corner
Date: 2007-05-24

Feedback: Hello Bob. From your album "Ready to Believe" was a song "You Are My Everything" on air in my Week 19, 2007 program. Be sure that I will bring your songs from time to time in my forthcoming programs. All the best to you.

Media name: Mitchell Mendys
Company name: WKNH
Date: 2007-05-23

Feedback: Bob, Nice tunes. The cd is just the right bit of sonic seasoning for my shows. I play spiritual music from many cultures and its nice to have some Christian music to share. Thanks.

Media name: Sharron Grauner
Company name: BODFM Inc - STAR FM
Date: 2007-05-20

Feedback: It is a great album and I'm sure you will do exceedingly well with it. We loved it and pray that God blesses you abundantly with this release and others to come.

Media name: Patrick
Company name: Calvary Radio Network
Date: 2007-05-17

Feedback: We will be airing songs 2- You Are My Everything; 4-You Are Lord of All; 6- Get Ready; 11- As I Come. God Bless, WJWD.

Media name: Mitch Spring
Company name: WJIH-LP
Date: 2007-05-02

Feedback: Nice. We will play it some more.

Media name: riddim master
Company name: vibes 90.6fm
Date: 2007-04-21

Feedback: reaction been very good been played a lot respect

Media name: Mrs J Jolley
Company name: 3BBR FM
Date: 2007-04-20

Feedback: Great sound, great songs. Great presentation all round. Keep up the wonderful work. Ready to Believe is A1..Onward and upward!

Awesome songs, words, and music.
This is the first CD that I have ever heard where I liked every song. The words are very touching. I have listen to this CD several times and when I was traveling back and forth from Alabama to Tennessee the song "You are lord of All" really made me feel the presence of the Lord with me.

R Trevino - USA

Nice music and I love it. I listen 10 times when I have time to play the cd.

Nita - Philippines

I really like your CD. I already have several favorites. Can Anything Happen Without the Lord’s Permission is probably my most favorite. I love your words, and I especially like the rhythm- it sounds a little soft Latin to me—I really love that type of music. Next, I like You Are Lord of All—it’s like a love song to Jesus—so precious. Then, God Never Leaves You is very pretty. I also like the “rockin” songs—reminds me of the secular music of John Mellancamp—great beat, but your words are much better than his, of course. The Prayer Song is a perfect way to round the CD—just beautiful. And your background music and vocals are terrific—very professional. Well done!!

You have a wonderful gift of music.

D Watson - USA

I did a lot of driving this weekend and listened to your CD 3 times. I love it. The rock flavored songs really suit my taste, and the lyric are catchy and meaningful. What a professional mix of talent and production!

J Tucker - USA

Thank you brother for allowing God to use you in such a very powerful way! Your CD is great and the messages in each of your songs are so applicable and the whole thing was completed in a first class way. Please continue to let your light shine!

R Rolph - USA

The CD—it is great! I listened on Saturday morning and ended up working out to it. I am impressed with the words that were laid on your heart for the songs. All day long, I hummed song #2.

S Vasko - USA