Heaven's Skies/Jesus Is The Answer
Bates Brother Recording Studio - 2010
Below are a few photos taken during our studio session at Bates Brothers Recording Studio in Hueytown, AL on April 24, 2010. It was great to be back at Bates and renew old friendships with Charles, George, Jim, Eugene, Eric and Tony. It was nice working with Susan, Evie, Holley, and Jason for the first time.
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jim_pollard_small.jpg susan_nuckols_small.jpg george_vinson_small.jpg eugene_bates_small.jpg charles_harnach_small.jpg
Charles Harnach
George Vinson
Lead, Rhythm, Acoustic Guitars
Jim Pollard
Susan Nuckols
Eugene Bates
Bass/Co-owner Bates
group1_small.jpg eric_bates_small.jpg group2_small.jpg jason_bailey_small.jpg tony_holley_evie_small.jpg
Eric Bates
Engineer/Co-owner BBR
Charles, Jason, Jim, George
Jason Bailey
Tony Wachter; Holley Martin & Evie Williams
Jason, Charles, Jim, George
charles_and_susan_small.jpg studio1_small.jpg bob_small.jpg
Charles and Susan
George and Eric